Club and Open – 21 and Over

April – November

Eden Mill Nature Center

Program Details:
Tired of getting beat in horseshoes every year at the Family Picnic? Well you will never get any better just pitching once a year. This is your year for revenge! Eden Mill Nature Center has what may be the nicest set of professional grade horseshoe pits in Maryland. While the pits are professional grade, you certainly don’t have to be to play. We welcome pitchers of all abilities. Men and women. We have had ages ranging from 21 to 80+.

Currently we have leagues in the Spring on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and on Tuesday evenings in the Fall. There are openings in all leagues. The Tuesday leagues run 10 weeks and the Spring Thursday league runs 12 weeks. Don’t be intimidated by a league. They are handicapped, just like in bowling. You pitch, establish an average, and your handicap will be used to determine your final score. A fun way to pitch, in a beautiful setting. If Tuesday or Thursday’s don’t suit you, we may be able to start another league if we get at least eight participants. We usually start pitching in late April, early May, as soon as the evenings warm up.

Interested? Give John Sliger a call, (410) 937-8046 or email Let’s get pitching!!